Workshop series: Music creation

25 maj 2022, 17:30 - 19:45

25 maj
Workshop series: Music creation

Join Spektras workshops in Music creation with Marcus Heier. Workshops will be held in English.

3 workshops that outlines the methodology he has developed to become a productive creator. Here he will share tools and techniques that will help you to take your own creativity to the next level. All levels are welcome, and each workshop is independent of each other, but there will also be a red-thread between them all. The theme will be Music-creation, but the tips and tricks can be applied to any creative endeavour such as poetry and dance for example.

Place: Spektra.

Sign up for the workshop by emailing name and phone number to, or by DM to @Spektra_DKH on Instagram.

No participation fee.

About Marcus Heier

After almost 10 years of traveling, touring, and studying abroad, Marcus has now returned to Sweden. He is originally from Skåne, but spent his last 4 years in London where he attended the Jazz program at the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) as a drummer, as well as freelancing and touring after he finished his Masters Degree. During his time at RAM he also studied piano and composition, and he also started to release his own music through the New York based record label ”Sonderhouse Music” which can be found on Spotify. Before his time in London he studied at Musicians Institute (MI) in Los Angeles, and then did a two year tour in Asia visiting countries like Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Seoul, and many more.

Spektra presenterar tre workshops där du får verktygen att ta ditt musikskapande till nästa nivå. Med workshopledare Marcus Heier. För alla nivåer, du behöver inte ha någon särskild förkunskap.

Workshoparna hålls på engelska.

Plats: Spektra.

Anmäl dig till en eller flera workshops genom att skicka namn och telefonnummer till, eller via DM @Spektra_DKH på Instagram.

Kostnad: Gratis

Workshop series: Music creation

  • Längd 2 timmar
  • Plats Dunkers kulturhus, Spektra


  • Dunkers kulturhus, Spektra
  • Kungsgatan 11
  • 252 21 Helsingborg


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