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Local celebrities will help to raise their home town’s profile.

“We’ve found 14 well-known personalities who will help to raise Helsingborg’s profile,” says the Moderate Party’s Peter Danielsson, Chairman of Helsingborg Municipal Executive Board. “They can act as good ambassadors through their networks and contacts, helping to raise awareness and putting Helsingborg on the map.”

“Our ambassadors work both within and beyond the region,” adds the Social Democratic Party’s Mikael Skoog, Deputy Chairman of Helsingborg Municipal Executive Board. “In their individual roles, they already show the opportunities offered by the city. As ambassadors, they will also highlight the city’s profile and potential.”

The 14 new Helsingborg ambassadors are:

Alexander Karim, actor
Ann Wilson, TV presenter/dancer
Caroline Seger, footballer
Diddi Kastenholt, musician
Eric Saade, singer
Joachim Samuelsson, entrepreneur
Joakim Jardenberg, blogger
Johan Wissman, athlete
Johanna Larsson, tennis player
Linda Bjernstål, entrepreneur
Nic Schröder, actor/TV presenter
Ola Lauritzson, writer and GI diet expert
Robert Lillhonga, director
Tina Nordström, TV presenter/celebrity chef

The position of Helsingborg ambassador is a five-year role.


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