Business and jobs

Helsingborg is a city in the fast-growing region of Öresund (the Sound). The number of inhabitants in Helsingborg exceeds 130,000 people. Almost 320,000 people live in the whole of north-west Skåne (Scania).  

Whether you’re a well-established business owner or are about to start a business in the city, you’ll have access to good transport links, land, premises and networks. If you’re seeking employment, there are many large businesses you can contact. If you’re looking to continue your education, training is available with adult education or university courses.

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The biggest business sectors in Helsingborg are:

  • Trade and logistics
  • Finance and business services
  • Health care

In Helsingborg, you’ll find Campus Helsingborg which is part of Lund University. At this campus students can follow all kinds of courses, from strategic communications and service management to sociology and food technology. The city works closely with this campus in order to create the best possible opportunities for trade, industry and business.

Helsingborg has an excellent geographical location; the city is located near the E4, E6 and E20 motorways. There are good transport links by train or bus to other cities in Skåne. About 20 minutes away by car to the North of Helsingborg you’ll find Ängelholm-Helsingborg airport, which has daily connections with Stockholm. Copenhagen’s international airport is just over one hour away by train to the South.

A way in for business owners

If you’re a business owner, you can contact the city’s Economic Development Service. We can help you with everything you need to know on how to manage a business in Helsingborg and the area around you.

We will guide you

At the Economic Development Service we work within the economic development and marketing sector and can answer any questions you may have regarding trade and business. Here you’ll be able to find answers about land, building permits and premises. We can make sure you get the right form to fill in so you can apply for a licence to serve food and alcohol at certain premises. We can also provide you with suggestions for contacts and networks and give you solid advice.

Helsingborg Family

Eleven municipalities in the north-western part of Skåne work together within Familjen Helsingborg, ”Helsingborg Family”. The idea is to support the region in its work with economic development and marketing. Together the region has over 330,000 inhabitants, almost 70 populated areas, 3 European highways, more than 20 railway stations and over 30,000 businesses. The municipalities which form Familjen Helsingborg are Bjuv, Båstad, Helsingborg, Höganäs, Klippan, Landskrona, Svalöv, Åstorp, Ängelholm, Örkelljunga and Perstorp. Read more about Familjen Helsingborg here.

Public tenders

Do you have your own business? Do you want to sell your services to the City of Helsingborg? Then you’ll probably need to take part in a public tender to the municipality. This means that you take part in a competition with other business who all hand in a tender for different products and services. The City will then choose the business which they want to work with. This type of public tender procedure guarantees that everyone who would like to obtain contracts within the public sector is treated equally by the authorities.

Usually all the current tenders for the City of Helsingborg are announced via the electronic databases and When you’ve found a public tender which you would like to take part in, you can download a free request template directly from the announcement.

Applying for a job

You can find all the available jobs in the City of Helsingborg here. Each announcement has information in Swedish on what you need to do to complete your application.

If you want to seek employment in the private sector you can look at the announcements at the Swedish Public Employment Service’s website. There you can find job announcements from both the public and private sectors all over Sweden. The Swedish Public Employment Service has more information in different languages on seeking employment in Sweden. You can also visit your local Employment Service at Södergatan 39, here in Helsingborg. There you can receive personal assistance.