Life and living

Helsingborg has long beaches, beautiful countryside, stunning scenic walks and a lively historical city centre. If you choose to live here, you can stay in a flat or a house. You can either rent your home or buy it.

In Sweden you can choose to rent your home. This is called right of tenancy and you don’t pay a deposit on your flat; you only pay monthly rent to your landlord.

You can also choose to buy a flat, which is part of a housing cooperative. This is called a cooperative building society flat. This means that you have to pay a deposit and a monthly fee. By doing so, you own part of the cooperative that owns the building. Flats, houses and also terrace houses can be part of a housing cooperative. You can also buy a house or a farm with full ownership.

Renting a flat

If you’re looking to rent a flat or other accommodation in Helsingborg, you can contact private rented housing or landlords to get information on how you can join their queue system. There is no public housing authority in Helsingborg, but there is a public housing agency, Helsingborgshem, and private rented housing which all offer a large amount of flats.

It can take anything from a couple of months to several years to get a flat to rent. It often depends on how active you are in your search for a place to live, and where in Helsingborg you want to live.

Buying or building a home

If you want to build accommodation, for instance a house, you probably need to apply for a building permit. This means that you need to apply for permission to build from the municipality.

The municipality of Helsingborg sells vacant building sites if you want to build a house. You can also join the queue to buy a site in a certain area.

Refuse collection

If you live in a house, you need to inform the municipality and sign up for refuse collection. If you live in a flat, your landlord or building society organises this. Depending on where you live, you need to sort out your own rubbish. Many of the things we throw away can actually be recycled and turned into new products or fuel for cars and buses. Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB (NSR) is in charge of the refuse collection in Helsingborg.

The future for Helsingborg

In the Comprehensive plan for Helsingborg 2010, Helsingborg is described as follows:

“Helsingborg is a city aiming towards the future, with unique qualities for housing, businesses and tourism. The combination of a big city culture, the proximity to the sea, nature and the unique countryside qualities are some of the reasons people choose to move here. Attractive housing, rich cultural life and good transport links are also part of the Helsingborg region’s allure.”

Land and premises

Do you want your business to be set up in an industrial estate, at the docks or in any of the municipality’s other towns? There are many good options if you’re looking for land and vacant premises in Helsingborg.

Find vacant premises by map.

Find public building sites by list.