Travel and transport

It is easy to get to Helsingborg. The city is a transport hub with good travel links for cars, buses, trains, ferries and planes. There are commuter trains and buses to several cities and towns and it is close to Copenhagen Airport.  

The central station in Helsingborg is called Knutpunkten. From here you can travel by train, city bus, regional coach or ferries. There are several train stations all over the municipality for local or regional journeys. Skånetrafiken is responsible for trains and buses in Helsingborg and throughout the rest of Skåne (Scania).

No cash on buses and trains in Skåne

You cannot purchase tickets onboard Skånetrafiken’s buses and trains. The easiest way to pay is by using a “jojo” card; this is a reduced rate card which you can charge up with any amount you like each time, for instance 200 SEK. You can buy the jojo card at the central station, Knutpunkten.

You can plan your train or bus journey by using the travel planner on Skånetrafiken’s website or by calling Skånetrafiken’s customer services on 0771-77 77 77.


Skånetrafiken’s routes connect Helsingborg with different parts of Skåne, as well as Denmark. There are trains to Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen in the south, but also to Ängelholm and Gothenburg in the north. There are also several daily trains to Kristianstad.


There are ferries to Helsingör (Elsinore) several times an hour. The companies Scandlines and Sundsbussarna  will take you across the sound.


Ängelholm Helsingborg’s airport is located 35 kilometres north of Helsingborg. The airport is operated by SAS and Kullaflyg. Bergkvarabuss operates the airport bus to Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport.

Copenhagen Airport is just a one-hour train ride away, across the Øresund Bridge. You can find the timetable at Skånetrafiken’s travel planner.

City buses

In Helsingborg there is an extensive and efficient city bus service. Go to Skånetrafiken to see how often the different buses operate around the city.

Regional coaches and express buses

Regional coaches operate between Helsingborg and many different towns.

There are several different companies operating routes from Helsingborg to other cities in Sweden, for instance to Gothenburg. Swebus Express and Go by Bus leave from Knutpunkten.


The closer you park to the city centre the more expensive it will be.

On the city’s parking map you can find municipal parking spaces and parking meters that are operated by the City of Helsingborg. By clicking on each symbol you will find out how much the parking costs per hour and for how long you can park there. Other parking lots and multi-storey car parks which are operated by private companies are not shown on the parking map. Parking places that are free of charge are not included either.

Go to the City of Helsingborg’s parking map.