Experience Elsinore and Helsingborg by bike

Elsinore and Helsingborg share more than a long history – they also have a bike map in common. The map gives you inspiration for short and longer bike rides in both cities. You’ll find the map at tourist bureaus and libraries among other places – or you can order it here.

Elsinore-Helsingborg Bike Map shows you a network of bike paths and other bikeable roads in both cities and their environs along with recreational routes suggested by the Danish Cyclists’ Federation and the Swedish Cykelfrämjandet. Points of interest, beaches, nature reserves and a lot of other interesting information for a nice bike trip are also to be found in the map.

The Elsinore-Helsingborg Bike Map holds a key map of the municipalities (scale: 1:60,000) and a city map of the urban areas (scale 1:20,000). The map measures approximately 24 by 35 inches.

Furthermore, the map is printed on paper made of lime stone. Stone paper is the perfect bike map paper, since it is water resistant and more durable than normal paper made of wood fibers. Stone paper is Cradle-to-Cradle certified. The production only consumes 50 percent of the energy compared with traditional paper production and consumes no water.

Here you can order your map:

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