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Do you have an idea for a project you want to run? Something you think can contribute to better welfare in the future and/or a smarter and more sustainable city? Visionsfonden welcome big and small ideas for developing and changing Helsingborg towards the future.

Every year the fund grant 1 millon SEK to creative and innovative projects. You can apply for funding from Visionsfonden up to 100 000 SEK for your project. We offer you support and coaching in developing and testing your idea.

All projects are considered for their potential to offer innovative thinking and benefits to the residents of Helsingborg. The fund encourage project that engage with specific communities and/or address specific needs in the city.

Vision Helsingborg 2035 strives towards a creative, vibrant, common, global and balanced Helsingborg for people, organisations and companies.

During the H22 City Expo, Helsingborg’s venture for future welfare solutions aimed at improving the quality of life in a smarter, more sustainable city, the Vision Fund will be hosting a three-week application event. Click on the link to read more about our event: Visionsfondens innovationshack. Sign up to participate by sending us an email at Mark your email with the text: ”Visionsfondens innovationhack”.

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