Funds for Helsingborg as it is selected for the EU’s pilot programme for sustainable cities

The City of Helsingborg has been selected to participate in the EU’s Pilot Cities programme. The city will receive SEK 6.6 million in support for sustainable urban development, with Oceanhamnen as its focus.

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As one of the EU’s more than 100 ”Mission Cities”, Helsingborg will intensify its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote changes that strengthen the city’s work on climate issues.

Over the next two years, the focus will be on developing and implementing innovative methods, solutions, and services to achieve the city’s climate goals.

“Being selected in the Pilot Cities programme, which is part of the EU’s NetZeroCities initiative, means strengthened opportunities to reach net zero emissions, especially through collaboration with other EU cities. This is an opportunity for Helsingborg to be at the forefront of eco-innovation and contribute to a sustainable future” says Carina Leffler, Director of the City of Helsingborg.

The EU support will focus on sustainable urban development with Oceanhamnen at the centre, where a new innovation district will be launched in spring 2024. Within the framework of the project, the city will explore clear emission limits for the construction sector while developing new ways of working and collaborations. The measures aim to ensure that Helsingborg meets its climate goals, with the ambition of gradually tightening the limits by 2030.

Dennis Kerkhof, Project Manager for Oceanhamnen, emphasises the importance of collaboration:

”Our participation in the EU Pilot Programme for Lead Cities gives us a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of other cities and share our own insights. With the political ambition to reach climate neutrality by 2030, it is crucial to establish common rules and promote strong cooperation with both the business community and the city’s residents.”

“The project includes partnerships with the Swedish Environmental Institute IVL and Lund University of Technology, which provide in-depth knowledge and research. Their expertise complements our close cooperation with the business community and this partnership is a cornerstone of the project. Together we create a platform for innovation and sustainable governance, which is crucial to Helsingborg’s vision of a sustainable future.”

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