The ClimateOS tool gives the City a better idea of how to reduce emissions

All of the cities in the world face similar complex challenges and we need to transform our entire society in a short period of time. With a large proportion of the world’s population living in urban areas, increased traffic, overcrowding and climate change are just some of the challenges facing cities.

With cities consuming over 65 per cent of the world’s energy and accounting for more than 70 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions, we need to address climate challenges at city level.

Helsingborg is one of 50 cities in the world using the ClimateOS tool

The tool shows Helsingborg’s emission statistics and projected emissions if no climate action is taken. It also shows how emissions could be reduced with different measures. The tool helps cities to simulate the effects of different measures. For example, emissions in different sectors can be linked to business and the economy to create a holistic system. Helsingborg is one of 50 cities in the world testing the tool.

”The City of Helsingborg has used ClimateOS in its ongoing work to develop a new climate and energy plan. By visualising the needs that exist in the city in terms of energy consumption and mobility, opportunities for movement and transport, we can clarify different ways in which we can meet these needs,” says Milou Mandolin, environmental strategist at the City of Helsingborg.

You can read the city’s climate and energy plan at

A new climate investment plan is underway

”The City of Helsingborg is working together with ClimateView, who owns the tool, to develop a climate investment plan. It is about the investments required to achieve climate neutrality,” says Milou Mandolin.

Read about the city’s promise of climate neutrality by 2030 at

A fast pace is needed to reach the climate goals

”The simple but incredibly difficult answer is that we must reduce our emissions as much as possible. The emissions we cannot reduce we must compensate for through technical and biological carbon sinks. Rapid transition is inevitable, whether we prevent the worst climate effects by transitioning to a climate-neutral Helsingborg or are forced to adapt to the effects of a warmer climate. This requires a fast pace and a clear collaboration between business, academia, the public sector, and civil society,” says Milou Mandolin.

You can read more about the city’s climate goals at

About the tool

ClimateOS is based on research and statistics regarding potential emission reductions as a result of various measures. The emission statistics linked to Helsingborg are national data.

The ClimateOS tool is used by several organisations in the city of Helsingborg, but mainly by the environmental administration. The collaboration with ClimateView began in 2021.

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